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How to succeed in the nail business?

After obtaining your license, you're ready to apply for your first job as a nail technician. Spas, nail salons, hotels and other businesses often have openings for entry-level nail technicians. Your first job can allow you to practice your skills and gain confidence as a nail technician. Over time, there may be opportunities where you can advance to management positions or work toward opening your own salon.

There are many routes a nail tech’s career can take, including salon owner; mobile services; cruise ships; session work; education; brand owner and much more. How you then choose to pursue your career choice and the expertise required, is up to you.

The nail industry is such a fast-evolving world. To achieve and to stay on top of the game, a nail technician must constantly refresh their skills in all these avenues regularly, including revisiting basics. Trends, techniques, products and marketing techniques are constantly advancing, this is valuable to techs at all stages of their career.

A successful nail technician requires various qualities and abilities. Some of the most important qualities are practice, patience and commitment. Success doesn’t come overnight and many techs try to run before they can walk by jumping straight to advanced techniques before mastering the basics.

Mastering the fundamentals is the first step to successfully achieving your goals.

When learning to become a nail technician, it is compulsory to carry out a substantial amount of practice and case studies if you want to become successful. Keeping the practice up requires commitment from the tech to put into practice those skills from their foundation training.

Practicing and perfecting your skills takes perseverance and dedication. You will make mistakes. It is important to learn from these and not give up. Everyone that you aspire to has achieved because of this.

At NTC we offer a range of nail courses designed to suit every individual, providing the tips, tools and skills required to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, highly competitive job market. Check out our website for more info about our professional nail technician courses

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