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NTC will …  Help you nail it!

Providing a positive learning experience by accompanying, supporting and enriching every stage of your journey with quality, passion and commitment, we promise to help you take your career to new dizzying lengths.   

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NTC aims to be … Cutting-edge!
We are a forward-thinking organisation that keeps on top of the latest news, trends and training techniques, ensuring the highest level of success for all our trainees at all times. 

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NTC celebrates...the richness of all cultures, backgrounds​

and traditions - from every walk of life. 

We believe that – with the right amount of buff and polish - everyone has the potential to shine as a nail technician – especially against the backdrop of the outstanding service we offer.

Our nail technician courses in London, Liverpool, Manchester and beyond all share the same level of expertise, offered by industry-honed professionals with years of experience. 

It's time to cut to the chase: Have you chosen the colour you want?

Our FREE REFRESHER TRAINING – inviting any past student to re-attend part/all of the course they qualified from with absolutely no charge is the jewel in our nail art. We also encourage all students – past and present – to call or email us any day, any time, for ongoing support.  (There’s LOADS more we want to tell you about this, but seeing as this is a highlights reel we’ll have to save it for later!)

Let’s start with the highlights – what makes us stand out like the brightest shade on a nail colour display:

Our range of nail courses are designed to suit every individual, providing the tips, tools and skills required to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, highly competitive job market – never more important than right now!

Our team of qualified trainers will ensure you benefit from the best-accredited courses the nail industry has to offer.

We provide EVERYTHING you need – from start to finish. Yup, that means all kits, equipment and learning materials. All you need to bring is yourself, with completely bare, colour-free nails.

At NTC, we will put you first every single time. That’s a promise.

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