Will I be qualified enough to open my own salon – even without an NVQ?

An ABT diploma is fully recognised, accredited and insurable, meaning you will be fully qualified as a nail technician. An NVQ requires more training (usually 6 months+) to meet the awarding bodies’ requirements. Diplomas are an intense, convenient and fast track way into the world of nails for those with other responsibilities and commitments, enabling you to progress in your career quickly and efficiently. All students taking our courses are guaranteed to be trained by passionate, experienced and focused nail technicians, ready and waiting to pass on their own experiences, tips and advice.

What level is the diploma equivalent to?

NVQ level contents regularly change to include different techniques in different levels, so it's hard to give a definitive answer. All you need to know is that you will be fully qualified in all the areas you require.

Can I get a trade card for nail suppliers?

Yes - just show your certificate, which will have a certification number, to the wholesaler or suppliers and they will set you up with one. This will allow you to buy professional products at trade prices.

Where are these wholesalers?

Different locations will have different stockists, so it is best to Google the ones closest to you. Some examples include:
- Sally’s
- Adele’s
- Hazlehurst
- Capital
- Aston & Fincher - Salon services
- Ellisons

Can you really learn everything in three days?

It takes a lot of hands-on practice to become a great nail technician but our trainers are there to ensure all the correct information and techniques required are delivered to you over the course. Covering all questions and queries, they will work hard with you to get you to a point practically where you are confident in knowing where you should be and how to get there, and even if your application may still need some work, they’ll provide you with ongoing help and support after the course to help you nail the skills you’ve learned. You will also have permanent access to all the course contents for your continual professional development.

Will I be able to purchase kits from you?

Unfortunately our trainers don't carry the kits with them but will advise you on where you can purchase them.

What should I wear?

We believe that people learn better in a relaxed environment. Our advice is to be comfortable but presentable. Also be aware that products may spill so don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to get damaged.

Can I wear nail extensions?

No, during the course you will be working on each other so you must come with bare nails.

Can I bring a model?

No need – you’ll be working on your fellow students.

Can I bring my own products?

Products will be supplied for you during the course but you are free to bring your own equipment if you wish.

Where can I obtain nail technician insurance?

Your trainer will talk you through all the requirements, but here are a few examples: ABT Balens Nails direct

Will I use a drill/ e-file?

All filing will be undertaken manually during the course.

Do the products cause any damage to the nail?

Contrary to popular belief, no damage or discomfort should be caused if products are used correctly by a professional nail technician.

Will I be able to remove the nails I have had applied during the course?

The removal process will be explained and demonstrated, although not carried out by students as this would eat into too much practical time during the course. Therefore, we recommend preparation for removal at home, for which you will need 100% acetone. This can be purchased at any pharmacy or nail supplier.

What’s the difference between the Acrylic Extension course and Advanced Acrylic Extension course?

In the advanced acrylic extension course we recommend that you have a prior qualification in acrylics as we focus on building on your existing skills and techniques, taking them to the next level. The Acrylic Extension course is for beginners and we advise prior manicure experience.

What is nail sculpting?

Nail sculpting is a method of creating extra length to nails using forms under the free edge, giving you an extension free from tips and glue.

Is Gel Polish and shellac the same?

Gel polish is the overall product which there are many brands of and one of which is Shellac.

What's the difference between Acrylic Extensions and Gel Extensions?

Acrylic is a liquid and powder system whereas Gel is built up and used with a lamp to cure it into place. Both the Acrylic and Gel systems are used in a completely different way to each other but to create a similar end result. However, there are different pros and cons to using both systems.

Which is better - Acrylics extensions or Gel extensions?

There is no one definitive answer as it depends on personal preference and comfortability using the systems and products.

Which is better for the nails – Acrylics or Gels?

Both the Acrylic and Gel products themselves will not cause any damage or harm to nails if applied, maintained and removed correctly and professionally. Thus, one is not better than the other.

Which brand of Acrylics would you recommend?

NSI Attraction Acrylic nail powder lets you effortlessly create custom nail treatments for your clients. It ensures strong, smooth and flexible Acrylic nails every time thanks to the innovative tri-polymer powder that’s incredibly quick and easy to apply.

What are tips on nails?

Tips are plastic platforms which are attached to the natural nail to create the extra length to form an extension.

Will I be provided a kit for the duration of the course?

We provide everything you need for the whole duration of all our courses. You are not required to bring anything at all. Our trainers will then talk you through different brands for you to consider before making your own kit purchase of your choice, for use after the course. There are a large number of suppliers to choose from which will give you better quality and value for money when purchasing your products.


Once you attend any of our courses you are welcome to come back to the equivalent course FREE OF CHARGE as many times as you wish. We provide FREE unlimited access to our Training Academy! As we fully understand that only with more practice and Tutor guidance, can one become the best in nails!

If I change my mind on my Complete Nail Tech Course booking can I get a refund on my deposit?

Due to the 2020 year that we've had, our deposit system has changed to - FULLY REFUNDABLE. As we understand times have not been easy for everyone and plans can change. We can either refund you in full or change your dates to your suitability.

Can I change my booking dates?

Yes, if your plans change we are more than happy to accommodate you for other course dates.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately we do not have an installment plan but for our Complete Nail Technician Course you can pay a £25 deposit to book your place and the remaining balance is not due until one week prior to the course commencement date. We are also happy to refund your deposit should you change your mind.

Will you provide PPE and how many students in each course?

Each class runs with a maximum of ten students and on average we have 6 students in each class. We are following all government guidelines and providing all necessary PPE including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. We are also checking all students' temperatures before entering classrooms.




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