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Careers for nail technicians

If you are considering enrolling in a nail technician program, researching possible careers is very important when making your decisions going forward. 

Here’s a list of potential careers you could pursue in manicuring once you are a qualified nail tech. 

Nail Salon

Salon is the most conventional type of careers for nail technicians, and for a good reason. Working at a salon is a great starting point any of technician.

Here you can build on the skills your learned in school and get experience with all the different types of services you can offer. At certain salons you might even have the option to choose a flexible work schedule.

The salon environment offers some other great benefits. It provides the opportunity to build rapport with clients and get referrals. You can also learn a lot about different products and brands you use, new trends and techniques, and become more knowledgeable about the services performed.

Mobile Nail Tech

You might consider working from home or travelling to your clients if the salon environment isn’t for you. This option means that you provide equipment and supplies but also provides a lot of freedom and other job opportunities. 

Beauty retail

Beauty stores and retail spaces are common job sites for nail technicians who love nails and have passion for sharing products with their customers.

Salon Owner

You might be attracted to becoming an independent contractor with control over the working hours. If you have leadership and business skills, opening your own salon could be the right fit. 

Nail Tech Educator

If you go to nail technician school and realise you never want the learning to end, you might be a great candidate to become a teacher yourself. Once you’ve gained plenty of nail technician experience, you’ll be ready to mentor the next generation of manicurists and pedicurists. 

Are you ready to begin a comprehensive nail education?

NTC specialises in providing nail technician courses  across the UK, with some of the best trainers to help you on your nail journey. We also provide EVERYTHING you need – from start to finish!

Check out our website to see the areas we currently cover.

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