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What shall I bring with me?

Absolutely nothing! Well, almost nothing.
We have everything you need for the time you are with us but do ask that you come with a winning smile, appetite to learn, patience and passion.

We also recommend you wear comfortable clothing.


Are kits included in the course? 

Absolutely! Kits are included ONLY for the duration of the course (not take home). 

Our trainers will talk you through the different brands to consider before making your own kit purchase, for use after the nail course. There are a large number of nail suppliers to choose from and we will advise you on those which will give you the best quality and value for money. 

Who else will be on course?

You will be training with like-minded people who we’re sure you’ll gel with immediately!
Our qualified teachers fully understand what it’s like to take your first step on the way to a new career and will be on hand with all the tips and advice you’ll need to help you land your dream job as quickly as possible.

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