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What are the steps of a Manicure?

A perfect manicure is a perfect way to make a statement. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can give yourself a perfect manicure that looks just as good as any you’d get in a beauty salon.

Following is a complete procedure of a manicure:

Gather Your Nail Supplies:

Nippers: cuticle nippers are used to cleanly cut away dead skin cells in the cuticle area and are another essential nail prep item. Choose quality stainless steel nippers for a long-lasting piece of kit.

Cuticle pusher: is a must-have manicure tool for any nail technician. A cuticle pusher is used to push away dead tissue from the nail for a clean and neat appearance.

Nail files: there are many types of nail files available. Files are used to create a smooth finish on the free edge of the nail.

Buffers: buffers are used for preparing the nail for polish and creating a smooth, even surface. For the best value for money, choose long-lasting buffers that work with various systems.

Prep Your Nails:

The first thing you’ll want to do is prep your nails. Cut your nails back, making them as short as possible. Using a nail clipper, cut your nails as short as you can stand them to be. You should trim your nails before attempting a manicure if your nails are long.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Washing your hands will remove any excess oils on your fingernails. If your nails are oily, it can be more challenging for your nail polish to stick to them. 

After your hands are dry, use a nail file to level out the edges of your nails. Before applying the base coat, you’ll want your nails to be as level as possible.

File Your Nails:

File the edges of your nails until they are as level as possible. This will help the nail polish to stick to your nails better, providing a nice clean and professional look. Make sure to file the edges of each nail in both directions to avoid creating uneven edges.

Next, use your nail file to file the sides of your nails that you can’t see. The edge of your nails is the first thing people notice about your manicure. You want that edge to be as clean as possible.

Push Back Cuticles:

Cuticle removal is a significant step in any manicure. However, you’ll want to skip this step if you have any cuts or open wounds on your hands. Using your nail buffing block, gently push back your cuticles.

Buff Nails:

Now that your nails are filed, you can use your nail buffing block to buff them. You can use the same block to push back your cuticles to buff your nails.

Apply a Base Coat, Nail Polish and add Top Coat:

The base coat is what holds your nail polish in place. Applying a base coat first can help prevent the nail polish from chipping or peeling off your nails. The first step to applying the base coat is ensuring that each nail is completely clean.

The best way to apply nail polish is to start with your dominant hand (typically your right hand). You want to apply the nail polish to your left hand first, then your right hand. There are many different ways to apply nail polish, but there is one rule that you should always follow.

After you’ve applied the nail polish to each nail, you’ll want to add a top coat. Sealing the nail polish will be helped by the top coat. You can use any brand of top coat as long as it is designed to be used with nail polish.

How do I use the Manicure Nail Kit?

To learn how to use the manicure nail kit we recommend professional nail training at NTC Nail Technician Courses to ensure correct utilization and application of this manicure nail kit.


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