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Is the nail industry growing?

The nail industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and the nail care market is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. Women are increasingly spending on self-care products to maintain their health and wellness, which has led to a rise in nail care product adoption.


The field of nail technology is expected to grow in the future, providing job security and opportunities for advancement. As more people prioritise their beauty routines, the need for skilled nail technicians continues to rise. Whether you choose to work in a salon, spa, or even as a freelance nail technician, the prospects of finding employment and building a loyal client base are promising.


Why is a career in the nail industry a smart choice?

A career in the nail industry can be a great choice, with lots of advancement opportunities. 

With hard work, study, and creativity, you can be a nail technician for a prestigious brand or in your own salon. You never know where your next year might take you... 


While passion and creativity are big parts of being a nail technician, it’s also a financially rewarding profession. As you build your client base and reputation, you can earn a competitive income. The nail industry provides opportunities to gain additional income through tips, commission-based work, or even retailing nail products. You can increase your earnings by offering additional services, such as: nail art classes or unique design services. 


How do I start a career in the nail industry?

There are various routes to becoming a nail technician. Regardless of your route into the nail industry, you will need to gain professional nail technician qualifications in order to perform your services on clients safely.


It is not necessary to hold a qualification to become a nail technician. However, employers in the nail industry will find it highly desirable. A qualification in nail tech will make you stand out from other applicants, and it will increase your chances of getting a job at a spa or salon.


NTC offers nail technician courses that are suited to complete beginners, through to experienced technicians looking to expand their portfolios and add more services. Our certified nail technician courses will give you the best technical support and expertise through your training and beyond. You will learn how to offer your clients a professional service while using the latest trends and techniques.


NTC is the leading training provider in the nail industry, and recognised by one of the leading accrediting bodies in the Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT), meaning we are approved up and down the country. With every accredited nail technician courses you complete at NTC you will receive a fully accredited professional diploma certificate.


Our team of qualified trainers will ensure you benefit from the best-accredited courses the nail industry has to offer. We provide everything you need – from start to finish. That means all kits, equipment, and learning materials.


Are you ready to start your journey in the nail industry?

At NTC we have six nail technician courses to choose from. The most popular Complete Nail Tech course covers everything to do with nails (Manicure, Pedicure, Gel Extensions, Gel Polish, Acrylics & Sculpting) and is currently on offer with 20% OFF for only £399! (Normally £399 plus VAT).


Head to our website to find out more about our next accredited professional nail technician courses.


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