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How to start a nail tech business in 2024

The nail industry is booming, and as clients look for unique manicures, they can show off and treat themselves to a little extra pampering during their busy week. In the past couple of years, nail salons have been among the fastest-growing businesses in the UK.


Is now really a good time to start a nail tech business?

Starting up your own nail business takes a lot of thought, research, and training if you want to make it a success.

Establishing your business

Before you start a nail tech business and offer services to real clients, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about where you want your business to go and who your dream clients will be.


Register your business.

To register your business, you may need certain licenses and permits. Make sure to check with your local council to see what information they need to know. You will also need to register as a sole trader (self-employed) to pay taxes on your beauty business income.


Once your business is registered, you need to think about where you will work. You can work from home, from a salon or be a mobile nail technician. 

Can I start a nail tech business from home?

Starting a nail salon from home may require specific permits depending on your location. Check local regulations and ensure your space meets health and safety standards before proceeding.


How much should I charge for my services?

It’s a good idea to research the other nail businesses in your area to see how much they charge for their services, but it’s important that you don’t meet them just because you think that you should.


Prices for nail services vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location of the salon, experience of the nail technician and quality of products used.


How do I manage inventory and supplies for my salon?

To offer any treatments, you will need the right nail supplies and equipment. Keep track of your inventory regularly to avoid running out of essential supplies.


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start a nail tech business


start a nail tech business


start a nail tech business


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