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Best Acrylic Nail Kit

Are you looking for the best Acrylic Nail Kit? The NS professional Acrylic Nail Kit will transform your nails - and save you so much money!

The NS Acrylic Nail Kit is essential for beginners in the nail tech industry. It has everything you could possibly need to start creating amazing nail finishes.

acrylic nail kit

Our Acrylic Nail Kit contains everything you could possibly need to work on your clients or perfect your at-home mani game. The Acrylic Nail Kit includes all the individual elements you need to prime, shape and create salon-worthy acrylic nails.

acrylic nail kit

This Acrylic Nail Kit is perfect if you would like to strengthen your client's nails and grow your business. Specially selected nail supply products and the acrylic selection have been put together all in one place for your ease and convenience.

Everything in this Acrylic Nail Kit is chosen by a team of highly experienced nail techs and educators. Why not skip a step and give their personal favourites a go, or oil up your revenue with retail options.

If you are looking for a full professional Acrylic Nail Kit, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Start your future in beauty & order our professional Acrylic Nail Kit today!

How do I use the Acrylic Nail Kit?

To learn how to use our Acrylic Nail Kit we recommend professional nail training at NTC Nail Technician Courses to ensure correct utilisation and application of this nail kit. 

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