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National Nail Technician Price Increase Day

What is National Nail Tech Price Increase Day?

Today, April 8, marks the first National Nail Tech Price Increase Day, an initiative launched by The Nail Tech Org to help nail pros grow, scale and charge their worth. Thousands of nail technicians across the country have agreed to collectively raise their prices.

The Nail Tech Org says its data suggests the average nail technicians earn less than £7-an-hour – while the minimum wage is £11.44 an hour.

The organised price hike comes as UK company The Gel Bottle, one of the biggest suppliers in the UK, announced they were going to raise their prices between 11 and 15 per cent on April 8 - the same day as the price increase. 

Rising costs of utilities and products means nail technicians say they are selling themselves short by charging less than their outgoings. As the nail industry also becomes further advanced with new technology, tools, products and ways of working, this requires professional nail technicians to continue investing in their business, in order to maintain high quality treatments. 

What does National Nail Tech Price Increase Day mean for your manicure?

The cost of having your nails done can vary, depending on where you are in the country and what treatment you are having, but it is believed that prices could increase by up to 50% in order to ensure salons and nail technicians aren't charging less than they are paying out in various costs.

The idea to put prices up across the country on the same day is in a bid to normalise higher prices and raise awareness, organisers have said.

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