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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

How has COVID-19 affected the nail training industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought havoc worldwide, and the frequent lockdowns have affected businesses and the economy. No industry has been left unharmed by the pandemic, and the nail training industry is no different as the impacts of COVID-19 are still being felt by businesses that offer nail training courses.

The industry was always known for its ever-evolving and flexible nature. Now the impacts of the global pandemic have forced the sector to become innovative and look for new ways to survive and provide its nail training courses to more and more students. Below are some impacts of COVID 19 on the nail training industry.

A rise in online nail training courses

The pandemic has made online training a "must-have" part of the learning environment. With the world coming to a stop, nail training institutions had no other option other than to switch to remote learning.

The new 'normal' has brought a shift in the mindset and has changed how students learn a complete nail technician course, sculpting with acrylic course, manicure course, pedicure course, gel extensions course, acrylic extension course and gel polish course. It has also become vital for the industry to be innovative and use augmented reality and other technology to make it more fun and knowledgeable.

As the students have started adjusting to remote learning, they have begun to discover many advantages of this medium, including time saved on transportation, flexible timings and much more.

Concern in students about the future

With the onset of the pandemic, it was clear that people would avoid visiting a nail salon for some time as it was not something that was considered necessary. And, it happened; nail salons saw a decline in their number of clients, which made the students taking the nail training concerned as they were not sure how they would get customers once their course was complete. However, things changed pretty soon!

With most people confined in their homes and minimum social interactions, the pandemic affected the mental health of those who found it difficult to cope with things. To relax themselves, many people started paying more attention to self-care, which made them visit nail salons to get various treatments. This change in clients' attitudes should make students forget everything about their bleak careers.

Expenses in practical training

Even though students can take nail training courses online, when it comes to practical learning, institutes have no other option than to call students for one-on-one classes. This means providing PPE kits and additional protection gear to the teacher and students is the responsibility of the institute, which also costs extra money.

More people changing career

One positive impact of the pandemic is that it has made many people from different fields take different nail technician courses. The COVID-19 pandemic has confined many people in their homes, working from home with minimum interaction. This has left many people frustrated and has made them realise that they are in the wrong job and want to do something more creative and fun.

There is an increase in the number of people who have seen this pandemic as an opportunity to take a break and follow their hearts. They have decided to become a nail technician and take a manicure course, pedicure course, gel extensions course, acrylic extension course or a gel polish course, which can allow them to have a stable career in the field.

In the end, we can say that COVID 19 has impacted the nail training industry and changed how people used to take nail courses but slowly, the industry is adapting to this new 'normal'. Also, as online nail technician courses are easier to take, many people are enrolling for them along with their regular jobs.

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