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Nail Art Trends 2024

This year is all about bright colours and bold statements. Everyone gets excited about a nail idea that feels fun and fresh. Here are our fave nail art trends for 2024.

Aura Nails

Aura nails are still set to be one of the biggest nail art trends of this year, with unexpected colour combos, new shades, and 3D elements like rhinestones. 

nail art trends

Cat-eye gel and velvet nails

This nail art trend is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. Cat-eye or velvet nails are reflective and dimensional and have an almost 5D effect. This effect is achieved by the magnetised particles in the gel polish when stimulated by a magnet. 

nail art trends

Jelly Nails

It's fun way to wear your favourite shades with a twist. Jelly nails are characterised by translucent, jelly-like finishes in various colours, the jelly effect will add a playful and modern twist to summer manicures. Think of a syrupy-sheer texture with a hint of colour.

nail art trends

Butterfly French Tips

Butterfly nails art is one of the biggest Y2K nail art trends. With this nail art trend, the possibilities are endless. A popular take on the fluttery motif features blue butterflies on a white background, with pink, orange, and even rainbow hues. The nail art is very versatile, too, flattering all nail shapes and lengths. 

nail art trends

Pearlescent finishes

Pearlescent nails are the star of the summer 2024 nail show. They are the chicest take on the more natural nail art trends. It’s a chic way to create a mermaid beachy vibe and is so popular this year because of how easy it is to wear. It also brings fun and joy into your manicure without being too over the top.

nail art trends

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