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Nail Training Course

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

How much does a nail training course cost in the UK?

There is a range of routes and options to consider when it comes to achieving a nail tech qualification depending on your individual learning goals, time, budget and responsibilities to work around.

There are grants, funding and free nail training courses which could be taken at colleges, depending on age and requirements, this requires more time as the courses are stretched out over a longer period.

Other options include private nail training course providers, where prices can range from an average of £400-£900 for a 3-day complete nail technician course, with the kits included. Individual nail training courses like gel, acrylic extensions, gel polish and sculpting can be much cheaper, but completing complete courses could save a lot of money in the long run. Please visit our website for more info about our next accredited nail training courses.

Why a career as a Nail Technician could be the best career path for you?

This industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. A career as a nail technician can be a great choice with lots of advancement opportunities. In 2014, the global spending on nail tech was $8.54 trillion.

A growing number of positions in nail tech are just a few reasons that being a manicure and pedicurist makes sense. A steady income is one. You should remember that nail specialists can earn unlimited income, depending on how hard they work. The rule of thumb is that the more you work as a nail technician, you will make more.

With hard work, study and creativity, you can be a nail technician for a prestigious brand, or in your own salon. You never know where your next year might take you…

The best thing about being a nail technician?

There are no pre-requisites or qualifications. You should get a certificate or a diploma in manicuring if you really want to become a nail technician.

Working as a nail tech has another benefit: it allows you to be flexible. You can work in a salon as an employee, or self-employed, or you can open your nail salon.

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