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What skills do you need to be a nail technician?

Being a nail technician is not an easy job, especially if you decide to run your own business. Your day-to-day responsibilities require you to be both exceptionally creative and business savvy.

What skills does a nail technician need to thrive in the industry?


From basic manicures to nail treatments, nail art, and nail makeovers, it is a wide canvas for a nail technician to work on. Working on nails is fine art and requires creativity, not just in terms of colour coordination and artistic nail work, but also the unique experience you provide in your services.


It’s not easy to find a balance between focusing on the personal and technical skills that are necessary to be a great nail technician. You need to be able to be a skilled professional and a people person at the same time. And while lack of technical nail qualifications can be problematic, troubles with communication can be almost as bad.

Even if you are super skilled at what you do, if you are not able to deliver in the customer service department, your business will suffer sooner or later.


As a nail technician, you should have a lot of patience when dealing with different types of customers. Nail art involves a lot of details like cleaning, shaping, colouring, choosing the right type of nail art designs and drawing nail art patterns. You need to have an eye for detail as one mistake can spoil the nail art design as well.


With so many options available these days, your clients are making a conscious choice when they go to a salon for professional nail services, so it’s important to deliver on their expectations.

You’ll always work to a high standard and strive to ensure that you’re providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction. That’s what gets you recommendations from your current clients and grows your client base.


Another skill necessary for any nail technician is the capability to stay motivated no matter what. It can be challenging - both mentally and physically - and there’s always competition with other providers to keep you on your toes. But you’ve got to always push yourself to be motivated, focused and driven to provide a high level of service, maintain happy clients and grow your business.

As a nail technician, your professional experience and practice are important to grab a job in this service-oriented industry.

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