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Anyone can call themselves the ‘best nationwide nail training provider’ out there, but that doesn’t mean a thing without evidence.
We can, quite confidently, say this, as not only are we the BEST nationwide nail training provider out there, but we can prove it.

Big time.

We provide EVERYTHING you need – from start to finish. Yup, that means all kits, equipment and learning materials. All you need to bring is yourself, with completely bare, colour-free nails.

Our FREE REFRESHER TRAINING – inviting any past student to re-attend part/all of the course they qualified from with absolutely no charge is the jewel in our nail art. We also encourage all students – past and present – to call or email us any day, any time, for ongoing support.  (There’s LOADS more we want to tell you about this, but seeing as this is a highlights reel we’ll have to save it for later!)

Let’s start with the highlights – what makes us stand out like the brightest shade on a nail colour display:

Our range of nail courses are designed to suit every individual, providing the tips, tools and skills required to meet the challenges of an ever-changing, highly competitive job market – never more important than right now!

Our team of qualified trainers will ensure you benefit from the best-accredited courses the nail industry has to offer.

At NTC, we will put you first every single time. That’s a promise.

Keen to hear more? Keep scrolling!

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Our professional nail technician trainers are leaders in their field, providing you with the on-hand tips, tricks and tools of the trade you'll need to make your mark on the industry. 

Joining the NTC family will give you permanent access to these highly sought-after experts, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Level 4 Education & Training 

Over 80 years' combined experience in nails 

Specialists in Gel Polish, Gel Extensions, Acrylics & Nail Art Designs


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ABT accredited logo
Nail technician courses .jpg

NTC is recognised by one of the leading accrediting bodies in the Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT), meaning we are approved up and down the country.


With every nail course you complete at NTC (and we have lots to choose from!), you will receive a fully accredited professional Diploma certificate (all certificates are issued in Digital format). This qualification will allow you unlimited access to the industry, whether you decide to work in a salon, or open your own nail business. You’ll then be prepped, primed and perfectly shaped for the beauty industry – nailing your career goals one step at a time.



We promised you more – here it is! (See – we really are big on the aftercare side of things!)

We’re huge advocates of the age-old saying, “If at first you don't succeed... dry, dry, dry again” (honestly - there's nothing worse than smudged nails!).

Our sole aim is your continual professional development, and it’s because of this that we give you UNLIMITED access to all our nail training experts, materials and modules on completion of the course.


Yes, that’s right, once you join the NTC family, you can never leave (muahahah), meaning you can access and attend any one of our refresher days (held monthly across the UK) completely FREE OF CHARGE, helping you on your way to becoming accomplished nail technicians.


But wait, there’s more! You will also have direct access to our trainers as you enjoy yet another WhatsApp group with your fellow students (you can never be in too many WhatsApp groups. Fact). Here, you will have the option to discuss the course, ask questions and – obviously – share a meme or two (hundred). 


Our business is built on your journey and we’d love to accompany you on yours for as long as you’ll have us!




Taking the first steps on your way to a new future can be both exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. Here at NTC, we want to make sure you are always improving and, as a result, are always on hand to assess your work and give you honest feedback. 


Everything we do is focused on YOU to ensure you leave with the perfect base to becoming a professional nail technician. Our nail courses, therefore, designed to ease your nerves, build confidence and get you on the path to success. 


Becoming a professionally qualified nail technician will allow you unlimited access to the industry, whether you decide to work in a salon or open your own nail business. 

On completion of your NTC course you will obtain an accredited Diploma (all certificates are issued in Digital format). You’re then well on the way to an exciting new future in nails!


NTC Nail Technician Course.jpeg

Our nail courses are broken down into digestible, easy to learn step-by-step



Absolutely no qualification and no experience is required for the following courses: 

A Manicure Qualification is required for the following courses:


A Manicure & Acrylic Qualification is required for the following courses:



Nail Technician Courses 7.jpg

What shall I bring with me?

Absolutely nothing! Well, almost nothing.
We have everything you need for the time you are with us but do ask that you come with a winning smile, appetite to learn, patience and passion.

We also recommend you wear comfortable clothing, especially for the pedicure, and have naked/bare nails.

Please note we will not be able to remove any extensions or colour from your nails during the course or at the end of it.

So please ensure you come to the course with naked/bare nails. We will go through the removal procedure during the course so please prep yourself by buying acetone (generally found at any pharmacy or online) so that you can remove your extensions or colour at home.

Are kits included in the course? 

Absolutely! Kits are included ONLY for the duration of the course (not take home). 

Our trainers will talk you through the different brands to consider before making your own kit purchase, for use after the nail course. There are a large number of nail suppliers to choose from and we will advise you on those which will give you the best quality and value for money. 

Who else will be on course?

You will be training with like-minded people who we’re sure you’ll gel with immediately!
Our qualified teachers fully understand what it’s like to take your first step on the way to a new career and will be on hand with all the tips and advice you’ll need to help you land your dream job as quickly as possible.

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